About This

Before we were teenagers we started a Barbie Club and named it some long silly name we can’t remember like “Rollerblading Magic Rainbow Hair Sparkle Fruity Fairydust Club”.  Acronym RMRHSFFC.  Totally immemorable and impractical.  But it was special to us.  It made us feel like we had our own “thing”.  A top secret world of tiny clothes and accessory making all for the good of our imaginations.

After a 20-year hiatus from Barbie Club we found each other again.  Through writing.

Erin’s Survivor Bunny concept came about out of desire and need to find a way to get into a regular writing habit so she could get all the ideas and thoughts out somewhere.  Survival through writing.  A means by which to keep her creative world blossoming.

Turns out I too needed that and this is what taking that dream and putting wings on it looks like.

(Do you see how this is just a more grown-up version of Barbie Club?)

We got tired of saying we want to do THIS or THAT.

So we decided to do THIS.

And perhaps it will lead to THAT.

But let’s just start with THIS, ok?  


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Seeing Beyond the Lens

We interpret the world through the lens of our own life experience. This is a good thing, because it means that we learn from what we’ve lived and use that information to understand what’s happening and make increasingly wise decisions. It’s also a bad thing, because it means we assume …

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The Racist

I hate ‘they’ I hate ‘them’ I hate ‘you people’ When will we say ‘humans’ When will we say ‘family’   I hate black I hate white I hate yellow When will we say ‘our blood is red’ When will we say ‘our bile is green’   I am racist …

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Goddess on Holiday

“Name, please.” “Diana Moon.” The receptionist raised her Egyptian-blue shaded lids to reveal dilated pupils that took in the bow-shaped protrusion from beneath the patron’s cloak, the moon tattoo on her wrist, and the slender greyhound panting at her feet. The lids narrowed. “Right,” said the receptionist. “You did not …

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It’s All in the Nose

I recently read that out of 7,000 people aged 16 to 30, about 50% would rather lose their sense of smell than access to technology like laptops and cell phones. So, while you are blissfully unaware of your house burning down around you because you can’t smell the smoke, at …

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A Windy Poem

The wind commanded this poem (and the drawing above) out of me:   Wearisome wind, Whistling and whirling, It’s windsome.   Whipping round walls, Whirring down walkways, It’s wildsome.   Another example of making up words, as written about previously. Perhaps there are official words I could’ve used there that …

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