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I’m Kerrythe.  The other Survivor Bunny.  Like Erin said, surviving is definitely present continuous and I have found writing to be that very subtly supportive rock of a friend throughout my life, helping me to be more aware of, accept and let go of things that weren’t working.

So that’s why I love writing.

However, when I say “I love writing”, it’s not always the actual act of writing that I love.  Most of the time I find that to be cumbersome and painful – the words sticky and glutenous, I must pause between thoughts to allow them to ooze their way down from my mind, along my arm, into my fingers and out of the nib.  Squelch.  They spread slowly.  Other times they come flooding out too fast so I have to scratch out a lot of things in between and it ends up looking something  a lot like  I don’t want it to be  this.  Can I just get this damn thought out already!

Rather, what I love about writing is the feeling of relief/calm/enlightenment/contentment that follows after forging through the challenging process.  Because of this I’m in favour of regular word-vomiting onto pages.  As regularly as my procrastination will allow.

Aside: I used to see procrastination as the bane of my existence but I have come to see that procrastination harnessed has its place.  I am happy to report I am no longer a procrastination hater because of this article: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2012/sep/07/change-your-life-procrastination-burkeman

Also, the illustrations you see around the place are my doing because, you guessed it, I loooove drawing.  However, unlike writing, it is the act of drawing that I love.

When I start drawing something and someone asks me what I am drawing I usually say “I don’t know yet” or “I’ll see” or at desperate times “What does it matter?  Why does it have to BE anything?!  Leave me alone!”  Although the latter reaction is more often what I hear in my head while they hear radio silence or a downward toned “mmm”.

I usually draw random shapes and pattern things and keep layering and adding dots and lines over and around them until my eyes say an upturned “mmm” and a soft “yes” emerges from somewhere.  Sometimes creatures immerge and I’ll cut them out of the page and rehome them against some alternative background.  Or just moosh it all together in one big crash of collage.

I hope that you find this inspiring. If it isn’t, may it at least bring some sort of smile/grimace to your face or make your vocal chords gurgle and rumble with glee/disagreement.  

Yours in Paws,



About the Other
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  1. When I read about you, it reminded a little about me. Thanks for sharing and letting me know that no, I am not weird, just not surrounded by enough like minded folks.

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