Author: Erin

Seeing Beyond the Lens

We interpret the world through the lens of our own life experience. [bctt tweet=”We interpret the world through the lens of our own life experience.” via=”no”] This is a good thing, because it means that we learn from what we’ve lived and use that information to understand what’s happening and make increasingly wise decisions. It’s […]

Goddess on Holiday

“Name, please.” “Diana Moon.” The receptionist raised her Egyptian-blue shaded lids to reveal dilated pupils that took in the bow-shaped protrusion from beneath the patron’s cloak, the moon tattoo on her wrist, and the slender greyhound panting at her feet. The lids narrowed. “Right,” said the receptionist. “You did not request a specific room. Do […]

All the Colours of the Rainbow (A Look at Dissociation)

  Blue is cold and calculating. He sits behind a steel desk and turns in his swivel chair to regard interruptions with disdain. He is logical and precise and can’t stand the shambolic incompetency of emotions. Or people who let emotions overcome logic. Humans are inefficient in the extreme, which is why he dislikes most […]

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