Beta Reading Services

A beta reader can help you from the time you complete and revise your manuscript. The beta reader does not read from the perspective of an editor, but as a reader. The purpose is to give you an idea of how readers will react to your book.

As a beta reader, I will:

  • Note issues regarding character/story arcs, dialogue, pacing, continuity, and plot.
  • Suggest ideas on how to improve the story or characters, or fix plot holes.
  • Offer honest and direct feedback.
  • Note aspects of the story, characters, or writing style that I enjoyed. I believe writers need all the encouragement they can get, so I always mention what I honestly loved.
  • Advise you what type of editing service you may need, if any.

I won’t:

  • Offer suggestions that take away your personal voice or style.
  • Write and post a book review. (Reviews should only be done once the book is finally edited and proofread.)
  • Edit or proofread your story.

Feedback will be in the form of your manuscript as a word document with my comments, including immediate reactions while I read. I will also send an email detailing main issues and successes, and advice for how to proceed.

Price: $0.0005/word [50,000 word manuscript = $25]

Turnaround time

Turnaround time depends on the length of the manuscript and is agreed upon in the contract. In general, beta reading a 50,000 word manuscript may take 3-4 business days. “Rush” orders are negotiable and dependent on my availability.


Returning customer: 5% discount


Any fiction or non-fiction genre is welcome EXCEPT horror or anything with very graphic violence. Please warn me about any passages in your manuscript that may be disturbing.

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