Fonts and ALL the things

This “having a website” thing is turning out to be an interesting learning experience for Erin and me (yes I have verified that it is “me” not “I” with the grammar Nazis). 

There were many things we did not know before starting this adventure. 


So many, I can’t even begin to list all the things (although not being able to list all the things is more likely due to the fact that I can’t remember all the things).

Then one day I found this wonderful blog called andpossiblydinosaurs 

Caitlin shares a lot of helpful tips about how to ace the blogging thing and one of her suggestions here is to use templates for images. The thought behind this is that it can help to connect all the randomness and bring harmony and clarity to the message one is trying to get across (especially when one talks about a range of random topics like we do).  

Also mentioned in that article is not to use too many fonts or fonts that are difficult to read.

Then Erin said:

“you should make a font out of your handwriting”

When those words hit my brain it felt like I’d just been told I had won an all expenses paid neverending life on a tropical island.

So how do you dooo eeeeeeeet?! you may be exclaiming silently in your head.

Well, Caitlin says iFontmaker is cool, which is a paid app, but Erin found a free one called Calligraphr. You can use it on your PC too and it’s really simple to use.

So simple it made me want to write out all the alphabets, punctuation marks, numbers and symbols in all the languages in all the world to see how many different ways I could write all the things so I could have 100 different fonts to plaster all over everything (typography might be one of my favourite things).

As you can see we are trying the font of my handwriting and the image template on for size. The image template Erin cleverly made using Gimp – another thing we are learning to use better every day.  Some days better than others.  Some of us more skilled than others. No names shall be mentioned (but let’s just say most of the time I’m asking Erin “what layer must I put down first?”).

So please feel free to let us know what you think of our font and template. 

Don’t be shy to tell us it sucks if you really think so (but only if you REALLY think so and can’t help yourself).

We welcome candid feedback.

(Was it a mistake to say that?)

Also, feel free to tell us we are being too random.  Do you think too much randomness is a problem?  Most of the time when people tell me I’m random I vacillate between being offended and delighted.  Vacillating is also a symptom of randomness.  Or is it actually the start of randomness?

p.s. if you like reading long things and want to gain some insight into my thinking patterns please go here and after you have read that you can carry on reading everything else on there because it’s just ALL TOO GOOOOOOD I LOVE IT AAAALL.

p.p.s. I rewrote the previous sentence 17 times

p.p.p.s. I think I used the word “thing/s” too much in this post (you are welcome to comment on that too)

Fonts and ALL the things
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