DO NOT read this if you are feeling at all hungry

There in the fridge sits A tart sweet, buttery coconut and marmalade crust Its baked-in seduction Seeps Slowly Through the door seal Its stealthy stickiness sneeking Over kitchen tiles creeping Down berugged passage sliding sideways And then a bedroom door that’s found ajar A gap! Surprise! Hahar! A terrifyingly irresistible trap It’s followed your wondering […]

Why you shouldn’t go it alone (unless you really want to)

I’ve been having one of those weeks when I feel considerably fluffy headed. I can’t think clearly. Although I felt more like it was clearly, “I can’t think”. At all! I decided while feeling like this it would be a good time to binge watch YouTube videos, my latest obsession being the motivational/self-improvement category. Those […]

How Nuclear Physics Can Help You Manage Stress

You’ve likely heard the term critical mass. What does it mean? It’s the minimum amount of fissile material needed to create a nuclear chain reaction. That’s a reaction that is self-sustaining, so it goes on and on and on and on and… What is fissile material? Material that is able to sustain a nuclear fission […]

Ignorance is Sis

  Enlightenment is futile – you will be assimilated. Hollywood is making us stupid. I realized this while watching The Legend of Tarzan, a fun movie, if you’re into excessive CGI animals, but one that left me gaping at the creator’s blatant ignorance about Africa, wild animals, and local culture. That annoys me. I mean, […]

I Never Said That

  In Cold Comfort Farm, by Stella Gibbons, Aunt Ada Doom claims to have seen ‘something nasty in the woodshed’. Now, the book never reveals what the ‘something nasty’ was, but I’m strongly inclined to believe that it was a nefarious collector of quotes with a penchant for misattribution. I picture a wall sporting pictures […]

Spoonerisms and Other Cutlery

    Let’s start with the spoon in the room. You and I both know I’m only writing this post because I happened to have this photograph in my collection. I’m a sucker for a good pun. What is a Spoonerism Anyway? It’s one of those things that happens when your brain is working faster […]

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