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Four Ways to Transform Your Ludicrous Liability into a Lovely Life Lesson

Today’s post is brought to you by Mandy of breatheplayswing. She moved six more times after writing this ‘Diary of a Nomad’. For this reason, we have given her honorary status as a Survivor Bunny. 4 ways to Transform Your Ludicrous Liability into a Lovely Life Lesson (…because 4 is half of 8 and 8 is shaped […]

Why you shouldn’t go it alone (unless you really want to)

I’ve been having one of those weeks when I feel considerably fluffy headed. I can’t think clearly. Although I felt more like it was clearly, “I can’t think”. At all! I decided while feeling like this it would be a good time to binge watch YouTube videos, my latest obsession being the motivational/self-improvement category. Those […]

How Nuclear Physics Can Help You Manage Stress

You’ve likely heard the term critical mass. What does it mean? It’s the minimum amount of fissile material needed to create a nuclear chain reaction. That’s a reaction that is self-sustaining, so it goes on and on and on and on and… What is fissile material? Material that is able to sustain a nuclear fission […]

The Secret to Agelessness

I used to laugh a lot. Sometimes I found laughter in the subtle quirks, mistakes and misunderstandings of daily conversation with friends or in observing bizarre behaviour unfolding before me. I would usually be overcome with giggling that eventually morphed into tearful jerking spasms of laughter if given even the slightest encouragement. Then there was […]

Just Eat the Apple

  I’m the kind of person who doesn’t do anything in half-measures. If I’m going to do a thing, I’m going to do it properly. This is the key to my repeated failures. Wait, what? You heard me. Trying to do something right the first time is the reason why I usually end up not […]

Unfurling the Lotus – A Creativity Technique for Writers and Other Animals

“This character has no depth” “What on earth am I going to do to jazz up my bedroom?” “I just can’t picture the world he’s trying to build” “Where should I go on my holiday?”   ***This post contains affiliate links which will hopefully earn us enough money to buy coffee. We only link to […]

Simplifying Sentimentality

  Living in a caravan can look a bit untidy. I’m sure when an unexpected visitor looks in through my door and sees a giant jar of sludgy looking water (water kefir fed with brown sugar), a bunch of rather ripe bananas, a wash cloth, a backpack, a few books and a bicycle tube all […]

So You Think You’re Not Creative?

  There’s an interesting label I keep seeing thrown about the Interweb. It’s become a sign of membership to an elite group of surpassingly intelligent beings, those who know no boundaries to their skill and extraordinary thought processes. These beings have a style all their own and spend their time adroitly hurling paint at a […]

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