Reality Bites

A dive into deprivation

I watched a documentary a while ago about some friends from America that go to a small village in Guatemala for 56 days to see if they can each live on a dollar a day. [youtube]   Their experience keeps coming back to me and reminding me of how privileged I am to have […]

On Being Bipolar

**Today’s post was contributed by Honorary Survivor Bunny, Heather Jacobs**   One will never reach the other. One sulks while the other takes excessive risks. One gives up hope while the other is angry. Somewhere between this impossible duo, is me. I am running. I am rushing to take messages from one to the other that everything will […]

I Like To Move It Move It – Reasons To Get Off That Chair

Actually, I hate moving. I like to snuggle up in a cozy spot, preferably with a conveniently placed sunbeam, and not move from there until my bladder is bursting or I’m desperate for some coffee. This is a Bad Thing. Why? Because movement affects every function and process of the body. You’ve heard of healthy […]

A Memory of Ordinariness

I recently came across a piece of writing I’d emailed to a friend five years ago and forgotten all about. Reading it again was an interesting reminder of the headspace I was in at the time. I was also glad to have captured that bit of my every day life. Even though it wasn’t the […]

A Touch of Sun

Welcome to the first in a series of self-care pieces we’ll be showcasing. We’ll look at a number of self-care tips, the science behind them, and how to put them into practice yourself. Today we’ll talk about sunlight. Featured Photo by Kerrythe Mahaffey What is It? The sun. That giant star in the center of […]

Why you Should Never Argue With a Depressed Person

**Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this article has been personally experienced by me** I have a problem with the term ‘depressed’. It is universally misunderstood. People use it regularly to describe low mood, sadness, or feeling down. Depression is not feeling sad. Depression is the loss of the ability to feel happy. [bctt tweet=”Depression is not […]

Fonts and ALL the things

This “having a website” thing is turning out to be an interesting learning experience for Erin and me (yes I have verified that it is “me” not “I” with the grammar Nazis).  There were many things we did not know before starting this adventure.  Many. So many, I can’t even begin to list all the […]

Simplifying Sentimentality

  Living in a caravan can look a bit untidy. I’m sure when an unexpected visitor looks in through my door and sees a giant jar of sludgy looking water (water kefir fed with brown sugar), a bunch of rather ripe bananas, a wash cloth, a backpack, a few books and a bicycle tube all […]

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