The Significance of EXTRAordinary

I’ve been exhuming the past again and happened upon another piece of writing from a while back, as in this previous post. My much-beloved writing coach, Cathy Eden, often recalls this piece fondly. She says that capturing these snippets of life is a way of acknowledging and honouring the significance of seemingly ordinary lives. They become EXTRAordinary: […]

A Healthy Dose of Art – How Art Therapy Can Help You

  There is no culture on earth without art. Wherever you look, people express themselves through some form of drawing, painting, sculpture, dance, music, or writing. Why is that? Gestalt Therapist Fritz Perlz said, ‘The healthiest form of projection is Art’.  Could it be that art goes beyond ‘fun’? That it’s actually a human need, a […]

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