Surviving a Year of Survivor Bunny


Can you believe it, it’s a whole year since Survivor Bunny first made it’s debut on the worldwide web. You’d think we’d have exactly 52 posts to prove it, but alas, things did not go quite to plan. But 50 isn’t bad (including this post). No worries, we’ve learned a lot of things. Here’s 10 of them:


1. Life is What Happens When You’re Making Other Plans

Just look at our list of uncompleted Shaw Academy Courses. We were going to be all qualified to do content marketing and social media marketing and stuff. Sigh. And don’t forget about the flu and the mother-in-law’s 5 storage units and the renovations and the job changes and the endless search for suitable freelance work and the family issues and the scams and the power outages and the emotional stuff and the water shortages and the car theft and the disconnected WiFi and the moving house and the website crashes and the…LIFE things. That’s just how it is. And why we’re all fighting for survival.

2. There is No Such Thing as Passive Income

A blog requires a hang of a lot of work. Tech stuff, writing every week, creating art, uploading the art, creating merch, brainstorming awesome ideas, using Gimp to bring the awesomeness to the Interweb, planning vids and music… And don’t even get me started on Social Media Marketing, because I’ll get going with that a little later in this post. The bottom line is, you can’t see a bottom line without a truck-load of effort. We haven’t done a tenth of the things we have planned for Survivor Bunny, and we’re only just keeping up. And currently not making a cent from it. (Well, that’s not true. We did make a whole 3 US cents from advertising.) But we have all kinds of exciting ideas boiling away in our severely overworked skulls, so watch this space.


3. Creativity is a Muscle that Must be Exercised Daily

The less you write, the less you want to write, and the harder it becomes to put-bum-in-seat and write. The same applies to drawing. Leave it for too long and the creativity muscle becomes stiff and lazy. You begin to believe that it no longer works. But as we’ve learned, daily activity is the only solution. Whether it be a hastily scribbled Morning page or a series of doodles on the back of your grocery shopping receipt, that creativity muscle must be exercised!

4. Gimp is Awesome

Seriously, there’s tons you can do with it. Kerry the Mac even did a short training course to come to grips with some of the more advanced features. We are so proud of ourselves and all our layering, contrasting, brightening, colorifying, fonting, blurring, filling, drawing, pigmenting, templating, ebooking, cropping, scaling, transparency-ing… and don’t forget the copy-pasting!


5. The Economy is Not Your Friend

Things are expensive and the more ‘Politics’ happens, the more ‘Economy’ happens. Prices go up, people spend less on luxuries (like internet access and Survivor Bunny merch), and everyone has to work harder (leaving less time for reading Survivor Bunny. Although, frankly, we consider reading Survivor Bunny a matter of survival.) Of course, we are among those who have to work harder, which means we also have less time to make Survivor Bunny as awesome as we want it to be.

The poor economy has also hit us more directly when it comes to our day jobs, with a huge decrease in available freelance work. Kerry the Mac lost hers altogether because people don’t buy art when they’re short on cash. This has left her without a computer that has interweb connectivity, which is, you know, kind of important for blogging. So, we’re making do with some weird whatsapp-mobile-usb-type-wangling.

6. It’s Ok to Mess Up

Sometimes blog posts don’t get written. Wrong templates are used. New post notifications don’t go out. Pinterest is entirely neglected. It’s ok. Life goes on. Survival still happens.


7. Social Media Marketing is a Full-Time Job

You have to like other people’s stuff and engage with them so they’ll like your stuff and engage with you and at the end of the day you’re wondering if the people you’re engaging with are the people who will bring in subscribers and thus income or are simply trying to get subscribers and income from you, leading to a community of blog writers trying to get interest from other blog writers. And no one actually wanting to read any of those blogs anyway. If you want to reach your audience – your real audience – you have to spend time finding them and engaging with them. It’s hard work. But that’s what a job is.


8. How do you Eat an Elephant? One Bite at a Time.

Some days we were completely overwhelmed by all the work we needed to do to keep the blog going. It seemed like we would never get through all the writing and drawing and formatting and marketing and commenting and uploading and downloading and finagling and tweaking. And then we realized we didn’t have to do it all at once. Because that’s impossible. A true Survivor Bunny knows not to bite off the whole elephant at once. That’s a sure way to find yourself drowning in leathery hide and gruesome guts. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Small, manageable bite-size chunks can be chewed and digested in lady-like fashion, while ensuring that steady—albeit gentle—progress continues to be made.

9. Stop. 

Life is a rat race. Sometimes you gotta step off that spinning wheel and go for a walk. Notice the extraordinary ordinary things. Make some art. Take a nap. Get some sun. Chop some carrots. Go hug someone. Be present. Clear the cobwebs. Shake it up. Reset, Reboot, Refresh. Repeat.


10. We Love Survivor Bunny

Survivor Bunny is one of the best things that has ever happened to us. It’s given us the opportunity to express, learn, and share. We’ve challenged ourselves to acquire new skills and exercise talents we didn’t think we had. We’ve discovered techniques, tools, and tips to equip us for further survival. We’ve forced ourselves to write and draw more, explore avenues of creativity we might never have noticed or tried, and engage with many who are also surviving. All in all, Survivor bunny has done exactly what it was meant to do: help us survive.

Thanks to all our faithful subscribers and commenters (basically you, Ashley LOL). Looking forward to surviving another year with you!

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As Always, Yours in Paws,

The Survivor Bunnies

Surviving a Year of Survivor Bunny
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