No meat

They say

No dairy

No carbs

No sugar

No honey

It’s not




Don’t hurt the bees

Don’t eat soy – you’ll destroy the rainforest

Eat sustainable fish

Don’t eat fish

Save the fish

There’s mercury in fish


You’re anemic

Eat more iron

Don’t take iron supplements

It’s a heavy metal


Eat tofu instead of meat

Save the cows

Don’t eat tofu

It’s not




The rainforest is burning for soy plantations

And cattle farms


The bees are disappearing


Don’t drink milk

The cows’ farts poison the atmosphere

And destroy the ozone layer

Support local farmers

Or they’ll starve


Don’t buy clothes

They’re made by small children

The dye poisons rivers

Water is wasted

Support the local textile industries

People are losing jobs


Don’t support the bees or the cows will starve

Don’t burn the soy farms or clothes will lose their jobs

Don’t drink farmers or the ozone layer will be made by small children

Don’t eat the rainforest or the tofu will go extinct


Save the planet

Save the humans

Save the bees

Save the children

Save the rainforest

Save the cows

Save the tofu

Save the farmers

Save the fisherman

Save the fish


Fish the soy

Farm the save

Children the tofu

Planet the humans

Rain the cows

Forest the bees

Burn the

Burn the


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