The Racist

I hate ‘they’

I hate ‘them’

I hate ‘you people’

When will we say ‘humans’

When will we say ‘family’


I hate black

I hate white

I hate yellow

When will we say ‘our blood is red’

When will we say ‘our bile is green’


I am racist

Because I am white

I try not to offend

But my face offends

My voice offends


When will we see eyes and smiles

Instead of skin

Hear laughter

Instead of accents


I hate ‘my culture’

I hate ‘your culture’

But it’s not enough to hate

Because eyes still see

What they believe

And I’m helpless

Except to smile

And look at eyes

And hear laughter

Then maybe

One day

I won’t be white

The Racist
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