Four Ways to Transform Your Ludicrous Liability into a Lovely Life Lesson

Today’s post is brought to you by Mandy of breatheplayswing. She moved six more times after writing this ‘Diary of a Nomad’. For this reason, we have given her honorary status as a Survivor Bunny.

4 ways to Transform Your Ludicrous Liability into a Lovely Life Lesson

(…because 4 is half of 8 and 8 is shaped like the infinity symbol.)


1. Enjoy, rather than lament having so few ‘choices’ in the cupboard.

Less choice is liberating! Instead, ‘brand’ yourself with fewer colours, lines, and classic pieces. Be ok with minimal-me. REALLY like it in your heart, not just on your FB feed. Let go of who you ‘thought’ you were,or needed to look like. Dare to reconstruct and actually #love who you know you actually are, right here and now. (In the middle of the now, Ben Crane style.) If less is indeed more then…yes. BE your own label, instead of wearing someone else’s.

2. Revel in, rather than being resentful of, the thought of packing…AGAIN!

Moving for the 11th time in as many months has the potential to wear you out. But not if you re-frame the experience. How? View it as therapeutic. Packing to purge (as opposed to packing for Perth ;). Packing as a form of ‘organisational hacking’…like solving Rubik’s cube over and over again. Each time faster, easier, in a more efficient way. Consider each new pack an opportunity to ‘trim the fat’ and ‘free the forgotten’! Fold the foldables and fit in only the ‘fabulous’, the ‘truly useful’ and finally the ‘cannot live without’s’. Their annoying cousins the ‘What ifs?’ and the ‘Maybes’, must be escourted out the door pronto, or they’ll never leave. Trust me. Clarity of mind and environment is the priceless possession of very few. Allow the re-pack to refresh and refine you.

3. Be grateful for simple nourishing food.

Yearning for the variety that your previous kitchen would effortlessly yield serves no purpose and robs you of the joy of the new moment you’re in. Focus on the food in front of your fortunate face, not on the past or privileges behind you. Taste this rice. Describe the ‘mouth feel’ of the combination of ingredients on your plate now…Savour the dominant spice/fragrance on the nose. Caramel, herbal, sweet, floral? Eat from a fragile ceramic bowl or a whimsical plastic platter. Feel grateful for the pleasure of choice, the sight of green on white puffy grains. Basmati or long grain. Maldon or Himalayan. Cracked black instead of cayenne. Sesame oil or butter? Hmmmmm…Something is better than nothing at all. Familiar is good. But simple is better, and always rewarding.

My Happy Plates

4. Move.

And do it in the space that you have, not the gym/facility you wish you could afford to join with the training buddy you do not have. You have a brain, a notebook, and a kettlebell. Switch it on, write down whatEVER you do, and swing, clean, press, squat, carry, and love that portable handheld faithful fitness-friend. Just start. The plan will slowly take shape, and so will you. How wonderful to have freedom of movement, mobility, and choice. You can walk, skip, SQUAT (happy sigh), lunge, crawl, and run. Many cannot. Don’t take it for granted. Tomorrow you may not have the ability. No, you don’t NEED a gym. Yes you DO have ten minutes a day to choose to move. Move with mindfulness. Move with skill. Move more some days, less others, but…MOVE (as Ido Portal says)…because you can.

Four Ways to Transform Your Ludicrous Liability into a Lovely Life Lesson
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  1. Thanks Ashley. Here’s to a successful move! Hope you find some NEW ‘happy sox’ for your new home!

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