Why everyone should write

Just about every time I sit down to write I start with “Really need to write more”.

I also noticed I like to thank my books and pens a lot for how they serve me so loyally, saying things like: “I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have books to write in and pens to write with…” 

When I write that I’m usually tired and dry-eyed at the end of a long day, swimming in gratitude for the catharsis the writing kindly brought me.

It really is the best kind of therapy.

I realised again what a powerful thing writing is for me in trying to piece all the bits and pieces of the last few years of thought-spewing writing together.

After going back over some of the many books I’d filled it seems I’d been trying to solve, or at least be witness to, the puzzle of my mind by means of writing.

You see, after a few recent happenings, interactions and conversations I stumbled upon a pattern of behaviour in myself. There was a deluge of thought and feeling welling up and in trying to make sense of it all I started going back to many of the things I’d been journaling about at various points over the last ten years.

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I’d not made the connection between all the thoughts before.

My writing always seemed completely non-sensical and random to me, especially because of not having stuck to one book until it’s finished so there is hardly any chronological order to any of it. So maybe it is completely random. But not non-sensical.

It was a revelation.

Looking back now the time-line doesn’t matter much. It’s the theme that counts. And it’s definitely got a theme. I don’t have a name for that theme right now but, whatever it is, it’s probably a therapist’s dream.

The theme of a therapist’s dream.

The therapist’s dream theme.

(Who can resist a silly rhyme?)

So what’s the point of me telling you this?

That even though I believe everyone could do with some actual therapy with a human therapist, a therapist that comes in the form of a book can work miracles too.

If you start today you never know what you may discover about yourself in ten years time.

If you aren’t interested in knowing yourself then do it for the fame. If you start keeping a journal now there’s a possibility you might be considered world-famous and terribly intelligent before or after you die. Like Leonardo and Albert and other legendary people that journaled (read about that here). 

Who knows whether or not they would’ve been able to sort through all the mundane mire in their minds to get to all the breakthrough discoveries if they hadn’t brain-dumped on a page every day?

Why everyone should write
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